CBS Combines Unrelated Reporting On Deficit, Obama Fundraising

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In a article, CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller decides to play it cute, combining the totally unrelated topics of the deficit and President Obama's recently announced fundraising numbers.

Despite government deficit, Obama campaign flush with cash

The federal government faces financial default, but the Obama re-election campaign is flush.

Campaign Manager Jim Messina sent a video to campaign supporters early this morning that the Obama Victory Fund had raised over $86 million in the first three months of its operations: April through June.

Conveniently the remainder of the article never again mentions the deficit. This may be because the two numbers have nothing to do with each other.

In case CBS is unclear, here's a refresher -- the budget deficit is a calculation of the spending and receipts of the entire U.S. federal government. By comparison, the fundraising announced from the Obama campaign comes from money citizens have donated to a presidential campaign. Money is involved in both, but they are unrelated.

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