Fox Vs. Fox Vs. Palin: Whom Should We Believe About Whether Palin's Bus Tour Is Ending?

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Earlier today, one of Fox News' websites,, reported that Fox News contributor Sarah Palin is "end[ing] her 'One Nation' bus tour" and returning home where "it's prime salmon fishing season" this time of year. Palin subsequently fired off a tweet sarcastically asking "I did?" and saying that the media "never cease to amaze."

And then another Fox News website, the Fox Nation, jumped in to defend Palin against the report by its sister website, reporting that Palin "quiets bus tour rumors." Palin later jumped back into the fray with a Facebook post decrying reports from unnamed media outlets that her bus tour had been canceled. Palin ended her Facebook note by declaring that these unnamed media outlets have a "long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up."

Below the fold are the conflicting headlines (all generated by one news source: Fox News):



Here's Fox News contributor Sarah Palin's response via Twitter:


Here's Fox Nation:


And here's Palin again via Facebook:


So, who should we believe in this spat between Fox News, Fox Nation, and Sarah Palin? Can we opt for none of the above?

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