Powers Uses UK Climate Change Report To Attack Al Gore


In a May 9 post to MichelleMalkin.com headlined, "The Circle is Complete: Access to Al Gore's Invention Threatened by Global Warming," Doug Powers utilized a U.K. government report on wi-fi internet access being jeopardized by climate change to mock Al Gore and downplay the possible effects of "rising temperatures and stormier weather." From Powers' post:

Global warming being a threat to the Internet Al Gore took the initiative in inventing is the six degrees of separation in this claim. What's even more catastrophic, the separation of six degrees will increase by one and a half degrees to a full seven and a half degrees of separation by 2050 if we don't send the global warmists our money (snail mail only, no Internet transactions please -- if you've been paying attention you know why).

Actually it'll be kind of nice if global warming cripples the Internet a bit and spares us an intolerable onslaught of "hot 'nuff fer ya!?" Tweets.


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