Did Bolling Call For the Waterboarding of President Obama?


This morning, we pointed out that Fox host Eric Bolling took to his Facebook page to declare that he'd "love to waterboard" Media Matters "for the truth."

But we aren't the only ones Bolling wants to see tortured. Yesterday, Bolling asked his Twitter followers who they would like to have waterboarded. During last night's program he reported on the results, reading a list of suggestions that included President Obama, Senate Democrats, Alan Colmes, Keith Olbermann, Rachael Maddow, the hosts of The View, and the Westboro Baptist Church. After reading the responses, Bolling said, "I agree with them."

From Fox Business' Follow The Money:

BOLLING: I wanted to know who else at home who you thought should be waterboarded.

So, Louise says, waterboard "Joy Behar." Patti says "Senate Dems... and then Obama... and then the kooks on The View, starting with Joy." Jerry says he wants to see Alan Colmes get waterboarded. "The secrets of the left wing cabal will come pouring out of that boy." This guy's a bit more sentimental, go ahead, waterboard "my ex-wife." Denise says Keith Olbermann and Rachael Maddow. And Mike says "Waterboard the Westboro Baptists Church." I agree with them.

Did Bolling really agree with waterboarding President Obama? Or was he only saying he agreed with "Mike" on the waterboarding of members of the Westboro Baptist Church (which is not to say that would be appropriate)? The Fox host certainly had no problem airing a call for Obama's torture to his audience. We report, you decide.

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