Two Days After Fox Hosts Pam Geller, She Calls Obama "A Bastard"

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On April 27 Fox Business' Eric Bolling hosted Pam Geller on his show Follow The Money. Geller -- who has dabbled in the wildest conspiracy theories involving President Obama's birth (such as the one in which Malcolm X is actually Obama's father) -- questioned the authenticity of Obama's long-form birth certificate.

Not even two days later Geller literally labeled Obama a "bastard."

In an April 29 post on her blog, Atlas Shrugs, Pam Geller said "President Obama is indeed a bastard, literally and figuratively." Geller based her post on the recent release of 1960's immigration records of Obama's father. Fox Nation has also highlighted Obama's father's records in an attempt to attack Obama without, of course, acknowledging that Obama himself addressed his father's shortcomings in his book Dreams from My Father.

The sad thing is that it's almost par for the course for Fox to promote outrageous commentary and ridiculous conspiracy theories on their airwaves.

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