LA Times Columnist Mocks Californians Who Overwhelmingly Support Obama Health Care Reform

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Answering the question, how completely out of touch is Andrew Malcolm with mainstream California politics, Laura Bush's former flack admits as much today:

A new Field Poll finds silly Californians still buying into Obama health care premise

How many "silly Californians"? By a wide margin of 52-37 percent, they want Obama's health care reform to stay in place or even to be expanded.

I wouldn't want to begin counting the number of anti-health care reform columns Malcolm has penned over the last 18 months. But what's interesting is that most Californians don't care what the right-wing columnist says on the topic. He's utterly ignored.

What's even more embarrassing, and revealing, about the pro-Obama polling results is the fact that the Los Angeles Times, the largest newspaper in a clearly blue-leaning state, does not employ a single high-profile liberal commentator who obsessively writes about Beltway politics. Not one.

Instead, the LA Times, the largest newspaper in a clearly blue-leaning state, employs Laura Bush's former flack as a full-time Obama hater whose entire job is to cherry-pick bad polling numbers for the president, regurgitate whatever attack the GOP Noise Machine is making against Obama on that day, and to show utter contempt for the office of the President of the United States.

If, against that backdrop of partisan sophistry, you're having trouble recalling when the Los Angeles Times was taken seriously as a player in national politics, you are not alone.

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