Beck Accidentally(?) Attacks Fox For Relying On Al Jazeera


On today's edition of his radio show, Glenn Beck attacked the media for relying on Al Jazeera for news about Egypt and other nations in the Middle East, stating: "Sam Donaldson and everybody started praising Al-Jazeera. My gosh - look at Al-Jazeera. Even on the Drudge Report they are linked today to Al-Jazeera Live. Watch it on Al-Jazeera. You have to see it on Al-Jazeera. Remember, Al-Jazeera is not exactly U.S. friendly, not exactly Israel friendly. But let's get our information from Al-Jazeera."

Beck also attacked a tweet from Media Matters' Eric Boehlert stating "Remember, neocons told us Al Jazeera was a propaganda outlet/couldn't be trusted. Now it's making history in Egypt."

Perhaps, Beck forgot that Fox News, the very station that carries his own TV show, relied on Al Jazeera in covering the protests in Egypt. Don't believe it? See for yourself:

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