Is Conservative Blogger Ann Althouse Still Waiting for Video Of "Shoot Obama" Question?

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It's a bit hard to tell which is more troubling, the news that a constituent of Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) stood up at a town hall forum and asked who would be the one to "shoot Obama" and the Congressman didn't miss a beat, let alone condemn the outrageous comment; or the fact that a conservative blogger like Ann Althouse decided to go on the offense and foolishly argue the comment was never made.

Like the Congressman, when faced with an assassination comment, Althouse didn't move first to condemn that kind of dangerous rhetoric. Worse than the Congressman, Althouse lashed out the "leftosphere" for highlighting it [emphasis added]:

Now, as is widely known, it's a serious federal crime to threaten the life of the president, which makes it less likely that the words are as reported in the pseudo-quote. It also makes it less likely that a person of the left was trying to make trouble for Broun (a theory I see some righties are propounding).

Althouse later announced that she'd only believe the "shoot Obama" story if she saw a video of the encounter.

That's fine, except Broun's staff confirmed the "shoot Obama" question was asked. The Congressman has since sort-of apologized for his non-reaction to the "shoot Obama" question, and the Secret Service was alarmed enough by the question to interview the person who asked it. (The elderly man apologized for the what he said was a joke.)

Still waiting for the video Ann?

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