Sorry, Guys: That "Planned Parenthood" Video Is Still A Hoax

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Andrew Breitbart and his lackeys are crowing over Planned Parenthood's firing of Amy Woodruff, because it proves ... well, I'm not exactly sure what it proves. That they don't condone her behavior?

Here's Breitbart himself on Twitter arguing that the fact that Planned Parenthood fired the employee shown in Lila Rose's videos somehow supports Rose's hoax claiming that Planned Parenthood tried to cover up sex trafficking:

James O'Keefe III, the original master of pretending to be a pimp in order to get on Fox News, echoed the sentiment:

I don't think these guys quite get why we called Rose's video a "hoax."* So once more: Woodruff said what she said. That's her in the video and those are her words. The hoax part comes when Rose insists that this somehow demonstrates a systemic pattern of abuse and corruption pervading all of Planned Parenthood. The organization reported suspected sex trafficking weeks ago. They fired Woodruff. What other actions would Breitbart, O'Keefe and Rose have them take?

*Or they're just being super disingenuous, but let's show a little charity here.

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