When Is A Rabbi Not Jewish Enough? When Big Peace Says So.

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When Glenn Beck wants to get away with smearing George Soros with anti-Semitic tropes, he just argues that Soros doesn't really count as Jewish. And when Beck's allies at Andrew Breitbart's Big Peace want to defend Beck from Jewish Funds for Justice and the 400 rabbis who signed a letter expressing disgust with these anti-Semitic attacks, they try a similar tactic.

Here's Big Peace's Dan Friedman rationalizing Beck's position:

If you get the paper edition of The Wall Street Journal you probably won't be able to ignore a full-page ad signed by 400 rabbis and paid for by a group calling itself Jewish Funds for Justice. The ad takes aim at criticizes Glenn Beck and Beck's boss at Fox, Roger Ailes, for, inter alia, exposing the young George Soros's WWII collaboration with the Nazis and how his past now informs his present-day leftist politics and his anti-Zionism. Following in the footsteps of the "blood libel" frenzy of just a few weeks ago, the signers also take special exception to references by Beck and others at Fox to the "Holocaust." To put it plainly, the ad is the Jewish version of the race card and simply another left-liberal attempt to muzzle speech by people who claim, as Jews, to be offended when the speakers are conservatives.

The ad demands Ailes should "sanction" Beck and issue an apology for Fox's transgressions. But before Fox considers those demands, I'd suggest they visit the sponsor's website first. There they will find little or nothing about Judaism or Israel, but rather thousands of years of Jewish history and tradition reduced to the leftwing planks of the Democratic platform or a nominally Jewish mutation of ACORN.

Got that? Saying that anti-Semitic attacks on Soros (ones which, by the way, have already been thoroughly debunked) don't count because he doesn't self-identify as Jewish is bad enough. But it really, really strains credulity to suggest that 400 rabbis don't really count.

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