Palin Bloggers Now Complaining She's Not Getting Enough Press Coverage

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Did I call this one or what?

Last week when sections of the GOP Noise Machine were whining that Sarah Palin was on the receiving end of too much press coverage -- because reporters and pundits were somehow signaling their disdain for Palin by lavishing her with so much attention (they're "obsessed"!) -- I asked this question:

BTW, imagine the right-wing wailing if the press didn't cover Palin?

Well, imagine no more. The crack staff at Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism is on the case. In a Herculean flip-flop, they are now wailing about how the Washington Post is threatening to not cover Palin!


Oh, and it's not just that the Post is supposedly threatening to boycott Palin (FYI, the paper's not, actually), but it's a vast conspiracy and yes, the fabled Journolist is even dragged out of the mothballs.

Go read the piece if you want a chuckle and want to marvel at how Palin's online apologists will cry foul, simultaneously claiming Palin is covered too much and not enough. In the same week.

Big Journalism
Andrew Breitbart
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