Tim Graham: "NPR Celebrates Pakistani Lesbians"


Following an NPR Morning Edition story on a Pakistani lesbian couple who have to live in secret for fear of being imprisioned or killed -- part of the ongoing series on "The Hidden World of Girls" -- NewsBusters's Tim Graham complained that "NPR Celebrates Pakistani Lesbians." In the post, which was promoted by Fox Nation, Graham wrote:

On Monday's Morning Edition, National Public Radio offered the latest entry in its year-long series "The Hidden World of Girls," which is subsidized by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts. Naturally, any series with this title might disappoint if it didn't explore lesbians in Islamic countries, in this case, Pakistan.

Apparently, though, the definition of "girls" is quite flexible. On the October 16 All Things Considered, NPR celebrated the journey of Adam "Theresa" Sparks, running to be the first transgender member of the San Francisco City Council.

Graham then pasted a part of the story's transcript in which the Pakistani couple laughed and wrote:

When the story and the giggles were over, they explained that the whole Hidden Life of Girls series is available at the NPR website, and then an announcer added that this enterprise was funded by CPB and the NEA. Your tax dollars, hard at work.

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