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Curious attempt at gotcha from Brent Bozell's team today [emphasis added]:

Keith Olbermann Praised Fuller Day Before His Death Threat to Tea Party Leader

The insight of Noel Sheppard:

On Friday, roughly 24 hours before J. Eric Fuller was going to be arrested for publicly threatening the life of a Tea Party leader at an ABC News town hall meeting, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann praised him via Twitter:

That's basically Sheppard's entire point, that the day before Fuller did something objectionable by threatening the life of a Tea Party leader, Olbermann said nice things about Fuller. And.....? Was Olbermann supposed to know that Fuller might do something foolish the next day? Does Sheppard know what people are going to do in the future? I suspect Sheppard does not. But apparently Olbermann should. Or something.

Punch line:

Fuller was arrested and charged with threats and intimidation as well as disorderly conduct.

Makes you wonder what Olbermann thinks of him now.

Ha-ha. Sheppard wonders what Olbermann thinks of his pal Fuller now! Um, well if Sheppard read Twitter he would know what Olbermann thinks of Fuller's arrest because Olbermann tweeted it yesterday:

Olbermann was quite clear about what he thought of Fuller's arrest. Sheppard pretends he doesn't know that.

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