Fox Nation Inexplicably Upset Over Obama's Plans To Get Re-Elected

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Fox Nation highlighted a Politico article as its top story for most of the day:

Naturally, the Fox Nation headline bears no relation to the headline on the Politico article itself: "Barack Obama's 2012 cash challenge." In fact, the first paragraph of the article highlights the reason that the Obama team needs to raise so much money -- because conservative groups outside the Republican Party are set to pour a ton of money into the 2012 campaign:

Bracing for a half-billion-dollar onslaught of outside GOP cash in 2012, President Barack Obama's advisers are quietly working to bring back together the major donor base that produced a record-breaking fundraising haul in his first run for president.

Indeed, Bloomberg reported that "Republican-leaning political organizations" -- including American Crossroads, the organization promoted by Fox News' own Karl Rove -- "spent $167 million on the U.S. midterm elections."

It may not qualify as such for tax purposes, but one of those outside groups is Fox News itself.

From January through October last year, five potential GOP presidential candidates who are Fox News contributors or hosts for appeared on the channel for a total of nearly 66 hours. Media Matters estimated that this time was worth at least $40 million in advertising costs.

Fox News political analyst Dick Morris even celebrated the fact that Fox will give Republican candidates "national publicity" they otherwise couldn't afford.

Don't act so surprised, Fox Nation.

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