Jonah Goldberg lies about 2009 stimulus

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Jonah Goldberg claims Republicans really wanted to work with President Obama on last year's stimulus:

Contrary to the spin, many congressional Republicans were either eager to work with the new president or terrified of opposing him. They weren't opposed to a stimulus bill either.

But the White House decided to sign on to the pork-heavy stimulus crafted by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, without GOP input -- "We won the election. We wrote the bill," Pelosi boasted -- thus blowing up Obama's still-plausible image as a bipartisan president and emboldening the Republicans to oppose the stimulus, which also left them free to run against the sinking "Obama economy."

This is simply a lie. Republican ideas were incorporated into the stimulus bill. Senator Chuck Grassley, for example, added a $70 billion AMT provision. And provisions Republicans opposed were removed. The fact is, the stimulus was smaller and more focused on tax cuts than many economists thought was wise -- and both the size and composition of the stimulus were, in part, efforts to incorporate Republican priorities.

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