Dumb 'Gotcha' attempt of the day

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The Daily Caller blows the lid off of … nothing much:

Three of the "Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength," a group of 90 plus millionaires who signed a letter to President Obama asking him to allow the tax cuts on people with an income of $1 million or more each year to expire, say that despite their call to raise taxes, they will not pay the government more than they are required to, nor will they cut the government a personal check.

Later, the Caller suggested it was "hypocrisy" to call for higher taxes without voluntarily sending a larger check to the government. (It isn't. It would be "hypocrisy" for a rich person to say rich people should voluntarily send the Treasury contributions, but refuse to do so himself. That isn't what's happening here. But then, the word "hypocrisy" rarely means what reporters think it means.)

I eagerly await the Daily Caller's expose of conservatives who want to cut government spending but refuse to voluntarily stop using government-funded bridges, hospitals and schools.

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