Dear Daily Caller, why stop at 100%?

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Did you hear Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller site posted big readership numbers? It's true because I read the press release [emphasis added]:

The Daily Caller Shatters Traffic Predictions

WASHINGTON - (BUSINESS WIRE) - The Daily Caller has shattered all traffic estimates in its first 10 months since launch. By October, The Daily Caller, a 24-hour online news publication, reported that monthly unique visitors exceeded expectations by more than 100%. The Daily Caller also saw more than 7.5 million page views from visitors in October alone. Traffic for the third quarter, running from July through September, surpassed well over 1.5 million unique visitors per month.

I don't mean to rain on the Daily Caller parade, but I couldn't help chuckling reading all about how its online traffic is way ahead of "predictions" and "expectation" and "estimates." (Up more than 100%!) I'm chuckling because we never find out whose "predictions" and "expectations" the release was based on. Was it Carlson sitting around his kitchen table making "predictions" about what Daily Caller's traffic would be, and now the site's issuing proclamations because it exceeded those "predictions"?

Note to Daily Caller: If you're going to issue press releases based on unknown "predictions" and "expectations," why stop at 100% increases? Why not just say traffic is up 300% or even 1000% based on anonymous "estimates"? Sounds better that way, don't you think?

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