How do you spell Murkowski?


This is either the one of the best pranks Fox News has ever pulled, or one of their worst copy-editing mistakes.

This morning, to kick off their election night recap, Fox & Friends interviewed Sen. Lisa Murkowski from Anchorage about the status of the Alaska Senate race. At the top of the 5:00 am (ET) hour, "total write-in" votes were ahead of Republican Joe Miller 40 percent to 35 on Fox's ticker.

At one point early in the interview, co-host Gretchen Carlson observes, "One of the things that the people had to do in order to select you was to actually spell your name correctly."

True enough, Gretchen. How do you spell Murkowski, anyway? It seems that someone at Fox doesn't know:

Merkowski misspell

To be fair, they're not the only ones who made this mistake: so did Murkowski's campaign.

Fox showed their graphic not once, but twice. Watch:

UPDATE: In case the wording in the post is confusing, to clarify, as Sen. Murkowski explains in the video, write-in ballots that do not spell her name clearly will not automatically be discounted -- each ballot will be examined to determine "voter intent."

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