Fox begins special election coverage by promising to have on Bachmann, Scott, and Levin balanced by ... Blagojevich

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Starting at 10 am ET, Fox News preempted its regular schedule for midterm election special coverage titled "Ballot Battle: We're Broke, Who's Booted?" Since Fox spent the last three days relentless trying to get out the vote for the Republicans, we watched with interest to see how quickly it would take for Fox to skew its coverage in favor of the GOP. It didn't take long.

The first sign was host Neil Cavuto saying that union rallies around the country "ain't just get out the vote, this is brass-knuckled politics as hard and rough as it gets."

Then a few seconds later, Cavuto announced that he would have on the following guests to discuss the election: tea party favorite Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Republican candidate for governor Rick Scott, right-wing radio host Mark Levin, and -- presumably to satisfy Fox's idea of balance -- Rod Blagojevich, the convicted former governor of Illinois.

And don't think that the cheerleading for the GOP is going to be limited to Bachmann, Scott, and Levin. A few minutes later on the show, Cavuto had a segment on Rep. Barney Frank's chances for re-election. His guest? Noted expert on Massachusetts politics and House races Steve Forbes.

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