Added bonus of FoxPAC donations: Claiming lack of special interest money

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Fox News' William La Jeunesse touted Sharron Angle for what he portrayed as her relative lack of PAC donations. In doing so, he left out one big special interest donor: FoxPAC.

In fact, Angle actually bragged about fundraising from "friendly" outlets like Fox News. That very fundraising has allowed her the small donors that La Jeunesse touts. In addition to allowing Angle to fundraise on Fox News, groups supported by Fox News and its contributors have spent over $3 million dollars on the race:

  • Fox News contributor Karl Rove's American Crossroads has been the single highest independent contributor for the Senate Race: $1,135,928, which in addition to the $904,285 that Crossroads GPS donated, totals over $2 million dollars.
  • Fox-backed Tea Party Express also spent over one million dollars on the race, in addition to its donation of $5,000 to Angle.
  • Fox News contributor Dick Morris sent a fundraising appeal to readers asking them to donate to Americans for New Leadership to help defeat Sen. Harry Reid; Americans for New Leadership has spent $157,890 on the race.


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