Does Hoft want people to be throwing books at the president?


Over the weekend, our buddy Jim Hoft had a meltdown that the "state-run media" was "so corrupt that they will not report that a book was hurled at Obama and barely missed hitting his head." Apparently at the end of a rally in Philadelphia yesterday, someone hurled a book in Obama's direction. It is unclear who did this and why. But, in three separate posts, Hoft whined that the media simply refused to cover that this happened. It's almost as if Hoft is happy that the incident occurred.

And, Hoft got his wish. Fox & Friends has covered the story at least twice this morning, and the Drudge report is prominently highlighting the incident:

Drudge screen grab

Glenn Beck's The Blaze has it as one of their top stories:

The Blaze screengrab

And, Tucker Carlson's failing website, The Daily Caller, is also linking to the story.

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Jim Hoft
FOX & Friends, The Daily Caller, The Blaze
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