Not unusual: GOP's NH Sen. candidate fundraises from lobbyists

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Last week, Andrew Breitbart's Big Government posted a recording of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) asking for a campaign donation from a lobbyist. The Big Government post portrayed this as somehow being scandalous or out of the ordinary; as we noted, that's simply not true. Today, Politico provided more evidence that seeking donations from lobbyists is not in any way unusual for a congressional campaign.

Jonathan Martin reported in a blog post that "literally just minutes after it became clear that New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte had won the Senate primary," a Washington lobbyist sent an email to other lobbyists inviting them to a fundraiser for Ayotte. Martin noted:

Given Ayotte's advantage in the polls and the nature of this cycle, many of those who got the email will surely want to show up on the 27th and begin developing a relationship with somebody who is likely to be in the Senate in January.

The post closed with another reminder of just how frequently this happens:

[F]or some in the GOP-leaning lobbying community, the cup now runneth over.

"There are now over 475 fund raising events between now and October 8th," laments one promiment lobbyist.

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