Gold company-endorser Napolitano defends gold on Fox Biz

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On the September 4 edition of his Fox Business program Freedom Watch, host and Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano fearmongered about the prospects of the government "confiscating" gold and attacked what he said was a "disturbing" provision in the health care reform law "tracking and taxing many gold purchases." Napolitano also lamented that the government no longer uses the gold standard.

While discussing gold, Napolitano didn't mention that he previously endorsed gold company Rosland Capital after they advertised on his former radio program.

A spokesperson for Rosland Capital told Media Matters that "Napolitano is not a paid spokesperson for Rosland Capital. Rosland Capital had advertised on Napolitano's radio program, and he provided the testimonial for our website in that context. His radio show has since been cancelled so we are in the process of removing his endorsement from our website." (Napolitano left Fox News Radio's Brian & The Judge in May to concentrate on his Fox Business program.)

Rosland Capital's website currently features a "testimonials" section, which states: "Discover why respected individuals like Hugh Hewitt, Roger Hedgecock, and Judge Andrew Napolitano make gold an integral part of their investment portfolios." Napolitano is quoted as stating, "Security is as important for your savings as it is for our nation. Gold provides secure value." The website also has a landing page for "Judge Napolitano Fans" which quotes Napolitano as stating, "In a world of uncertain economic times, people always seek out a hedge for protection; I think Gold is the safest protection for Americans, and because of Rosland Capital, Gold is now a part of my economic safety and it should be yours."

Several advertisements for precious metals company Midas Resources aired during the 10am airing of Freedom Watch. Fellow Fox Newser Glenn Beck has drawn criticism for using his Fox show to promote gold while several gold firms advertise on his show.

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