Howard Kurtz's intermittent (and inadequate) disclosure

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As I've previously explained, Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz has a rather spotty track record when it comes to disclosing the conflicts of interest that arise as a result of his dual employment by the Post and by CNN. Post ombudsman Andrew Alexander has scolded Kurtz for failing to disclose his financial relationship with CNN when writing about the cable channel.

But Kurtz's column today serves as a reminder that even if Kurtz were to disclose his CNN employment every time he writes about CNN, that would not be adequate. He should disclose it every time he writes about a CNN competitor as well -- and every time he writes about a member of CNN's corporate family.

Today, for example, Kurtz devotes the bulk of his column to praising Time magazine. Well, Time is owned Time Warner, which also owns CNN. But Kurtz didn't reveal for readers the fact that the magazine he gushed over is a corporate sibling to the company that pays him to host Reliable Sources.

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