Fox's Van Susteren would say 'you betcha' to run for Wisconsin governor if assured victory

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Add Greta Van Susteren name to the list of would be political candidates employed by Fox News. Though, in Van Susteren's case, she'd only run if she were guaranteed victory. How daring.

This according to an "Answer This…" interview of Van Susteren by Politico's Patrick Gavin:

What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail?

Run for Governor of Wisconsin.

Van Susteren wouldn't have to look far for high-level campaign help if she did decide to run. John Coale -- her husband -- served as an adviser to Palin after the 2008 presidential campaign. As Media Matters noted just days ago:

As we've detailed, Coale said he started Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC, as well as a legal defense fund for her. SarahPAC, by the way, issued the Palin-centric video that Van Susteren was promoting on her show for the second night in a row during Gingrich's appearance.

While Van Susteren has denied any close ties with Palin, she has also repeatedly failed to disclose her husband's ties -- not while promoting the SarahPAC video last night, and not last November when she "hopped on the bus" with Palin as she was promoting her memoir.

For Fox News, Van Susteren is hardly the first employee to indicate an interest in public office:

Heck, even when they aren't running or indicating their interest in running for public office, it seems like Fox News employees keep themselves busy raising campaign cash and campaigning for Republicans:

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