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I must admit I've been concerned that Andrew Breitbart's new and unfortunately-named website Big Peace was lacking the sort of credibility that would make it a player on the wing-nut warmongers scene. But those concerns were allayed when I saw that Big Peace counts among its contributors noted non-lunatic and definitely sane person Daniel Pipes, who offered this observation in his inaugural post:

Jaw-dropping court testimony by Faisal Shahzad, the would-be Times Square bomber, singlehandedly undermines Obama administration efforts to ignore the dangers of Islamism and jihad.

I see... The court testimony from the would-be terrorist who was arrested, interrogated, and convicted by the Obama Justice Department undermines the Obama administration's "efforts to ignore the dangers of jihad."

This is an ideal situation for Pipes -- so long as the Obama administration keeps arresting, interrogating, and convicting terrorists, he'll have all the evidence he needs that the Obama administration is ignoring the dangers of terrorism.

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