SHOCK: Did Ted Nugent compare himself to a Nazi?

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Earlier this week, following the lead of Matt Drudge, conservative media figures absurdly claimed that Vice President Biden "compared Republicans to Nazis" when he used the term "blitzkrieg" in a fundraising email. As we pointed out, not only have numerous conservative elected officials and media outlets used the term "blitzkrieg" in a political context before, but they also routinely make far more explicit comparisons of Democrats to Nazis.

Well, using Matt Drudge's "standards," apparently Ted Nugent compared himself to a Nazi today in an op-ed he published in The Washington Times:

I'm on my 47th annual blitzkrieg rock 'n' roll tour across America. I have many guitars, oversized amplifiers and plenty of guns and ammo. The American Boy Scout lives. Prepared is good. Unprepared is for losers. Know it.

It would be absurd and dishonest to accuse Ted Nugent of comparing himself to a Nazi here - just as dishonest as it was when conservative media figures played dumb to accuse Biden of comparing Republicans to Nazis.

Matt Drudge, Ted Nugent
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