NY Post falsely claims Obama took 70 days to accept foreign help for oil spill response


In a July 1 editorial, the New York Post falsely claimed that it took President Obama 70 days to accept offers of international aid for the Gulf oil spill response. In fact, offers of aid from foreign countries have been previously accepted, and numerous foreign-flagged vessels are already involved in the oil spill response.

From the Post editorial:

Is 70 the Gulf Coast's lucky number?

That's how many days since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that it took President Obama to accept foreign help in cleaning up the Gulf mess.

Finally, on Tuesday, the State Department said it will accept assistance from some of the 27 countries and six international organizations that have offered to combat the spill.

It was a grudging acceptance -- fewer than half the offers will be taken up -- and that's a curious reluctance from a president who allegedly wants to make international cooperation his hallmark.


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