Excellent news for Rudy Giuliani

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Politico carries water for America's ex-Mayor:

Even with the memory of 9/11 fading – and with the dings he took from now-Vice President Joe Biden in the 2008 race about "a noun, a verb and 9/11" – Giuliani is still regarded as the best Republican spokesman on the national security issue. And the party's governor-dominated roster of likely 2012 candidate lacks anyone with his anti-terror bona fides, an issue increasingly seen as a sore point for the White House.

Just who regards Giuliani as the best Republican spokesman on national security? Politico doesn't say.

What are Giuliani's "anti-terror bona fides"? Politico doesn't say.

Who "increasingly" sees terrorism as a "sore point for the White House? (President Obama's handling of terrorism/national security gets higher marks from the public than his handling of the economy and health care.) Politico doesn't say. Well, Politico does quote Republican strategist Scott Reed saying Giuliani "owns the national security franchise" and calling the issue an "Achilles heel" for Democrats. But that's it.

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