Fox continues to push myth that Obama will "ban sport fishing"


It's been a week now since Robert Montgomery inaccurately claimed in an ESPN column that a federal strategy "could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing" and a week since executive editor acknowledged that there were "errors" and a lack of "balance" in the piece. But Fox Nation is still linking to Montgomery's column and suggesting that the false claim is somehow true.

When the allegation first surfaced, Fox Nation joined other media outlets in spreading the absurd claim (not the first time Fox has jumped on debunked conspiracy theories as senior fellow Karl Frisch has noted), with the Fox Business Network and Fox News' Glenn Beck joining in. Then an interesting thing happened: a March 10 article reported that government documents don't contain "language pertaining to a potential ban on recreational fishing."

And still, Fox Nation won't let this one go.

Fox Nation
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