Gretchen Carlson must have really wanted to watch all of Beck

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Throughout the morning, Fox & Friends expressed dismay over how --and why -- President Obama's terrorism press conference yesterday was delayed by three and a half hours.

Looking visibly annoyed, Gretchen Carlson said she had expected to hear something "shocking" from the president but "did not hear anything new" and wondered, "Why was there that three and a half hour delay? The president was supposed to come out at 1 p.m. and give us this shocking revelation. And then he did, in fact, not come out until 4:30 p.m. Eastern time." Later in the show, Peter Johnson Jr. told Brian Kilmeade that it seemed like there was "confusion" at the White House because "first of all, it took them hours to get the president out there. They kept on pushing back the time of the press conference." They agreed that the delay was "strange and eerie," and Johnson added, "It's dysfunctional, it shows disorganization, it's not what the White House should be doing."

And then there was this:


Hmmm, it's funny that they seem to care so much about what Obama revealed or whether the press conference started on time. Because if you were watching Fox News last night, you wouldn't have been able to watch it in its entirety. They cut away from it a third of the way in to show Glenn Beck.

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