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The conservative media seem to be having some difficulty figuring out what to make of Sen. Ben Nelson's support for health care reform.

Here's Fox's take:

Nelson Accused of Selling Vote on Health Bill for Nebraska Pay-Off

What started as Sen. Ben Nelson's personal stand against covering abortion with taxpayer money translated, somehow, into millions of dollars in federal aid for his home state.


Critics were calling it the "cornhusker kickback" and the "Nebraska windfall," lobbing accusations of political deal-making at Nelson.

And the Weekly Standard:

Ben Nelson, Cheap Date (Cont.)

According to the CBO, Nelson got $100 million for Nebraska in Medicaid funding--20 percent of what Massachusetts got

Maybe they should huddle up and decide whether they want to attack Nelson for selling his vote for a massive windfall, or for being a "cheap date" who got far less than Massachusetts. We'll wait.

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