Gee, I wonder why Howard Kurtz won't criticize Mark Halperin?

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A couple of days ago, I noted that Mark Halperin's idiotic portrayal of Sen. Mary Landrieu as having semen in her hair hadn't drawn as much attention and criticism as you might expect -- particularly given the widespread media attention that greeted Newsweek's use of a photo in which Sarah Palin posed for in a running suit.

Here's an example: Washington Post/CNN media critic Howard Kurtz addressed the Palin photo controversy on the November 22 broadcast of CNN's Reliable Sources.

But Kurtz stayed silent about Halperin's stupid photoshop tricks during yesterday's Reliable Sources. (Kurtz hasn't mentioned the matter in his work for the Washington Post, either.)

Oh, yeah -- Mark Halperin works for Time magazine, whose web site hosted his offensive doctored photo of Sen. Landrieu. Time and CNN are corporate siblings.

But Howard Kurtz would never let such considerations affect his reporting, would he?

(H/T: News Corpse)

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