Fox News again reveals there's little difference between itself and "Republican activists"

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Here's another example of Fox News revealing there's little difference between the language it uses and "Republican activists." Discussing Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-MN) Fox News-fueled Capitol Hill protest, reporter James Rosen said:

ROSEN: ... as we keep one eye on this raucous so-called House Call that the Republican activists and conservatives are paying on the west front steps of the Capitol to protest what they call, PelosiCare.

Well that's true. As Rosen said, Republican activists and conservatives certainly do use that phrase. And who else? Fox News.

Fox Nation -- which purports to be fair and balanced and non-biased -- has used the phrase PelosiCare at least a dozen times. For instance:

Plus, here's Fox News' William Kristol: "If you like the government's swine flu program, you'll love PelosiCare."

And Fox Business' John Stossel: "Assuming PelosiCare is something like care in Canada, you see what happened there - people did start to rebel. Even the doctors started saying, we have to have some private outlet." [Fox Business' America's Nightly Scoreboard, 11/2/09]

Fox News and "Republican activists" - inseparable?

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