Where's that "Nobel backlash," Mickey?

Where's that "Nobel backlash," Mickey?

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Mickey Kaus, Friday: "the possibility for a Nobel backlash seems non-farfetched."

Time magazine, Friday: "Why Winning the Nobel Peace Prize Could Hurt Obama"

Time magazine, Friday: "Obama's Nobel: The Last Thing He Needs"

... And more from Mark Halperin (and Mark Halperin) and Pat Buchanan and ... Well, you get the point.

Gallup, Monday: "Barack Obama appears to have gotten a slight bounce in support after he was announced as the Nobel Peace Prize winner on Friday. His 56% job approval rating for the last two Gallup Daily tracking updates is up from a term-low 50% as recently as last week, and 53% in the three days before the Nobel winner was announced."

Huh. Maybe it turns out that Americans don't hate their president for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Weird.

(A quick pre-emptive note to commenters: Read that again. I didn't say anything about whether Obama should have won the award. My point is simply that the idea that it was absurd to suggest that winning the award was some sort of disaster for Obama.)

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