Fox Nation breaks through the bottom of the health care reform criticism barrel

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This is incredibly stupid, which gives it a pretty good chance of catching on with the conservative media and blogosphere.

Fox Nation is currently featuring this on its home page:

Everyone hates the DMV, and people will be livid that they have to go there for health insurance. Here's Terry Jeffrey at the headlined article with the stunning revelation:

Page 19 of the committee's "plain English" text says: "The Secretary and/or states would do the following: ... Enable customers to enroll in health care plans in local hospitals, schools, Departments of Motor Vehicles, local Social Security offices, and other offices designated by the state."

Sound the alarm! The bill will actually "enable customers to enroll in health care plans" at a wide variety of places, including the DMV. Oh, wait, that doesn't sound controversial at all. Can you enroll in health insurance at the DMV under the Baucus bill? Apparently. Will you, as the headline suggests? That seems to be up to you. The headline also absurdly suggests that the DMV may suddenly function as a treatment center if the Baucus bill passes. No, the DMV won't suddenly be performing surgeries on the hoods of cars; they'll simply be providing people with the forms necessary to enroll in health care plans (as they do with voter registrations)

Jeffrey continues with his blockbuster find:

This is the bill's most revelatory passage because it sublimely symbolizes the bill's true aim: a government takeover of the health care system.

Cue scary music. Apparently this passage "sublimely symbolizes the bill's true aim," but I think Jeffrey and Fox Nation have inadvertently "sublimely symbolized" the true aim of the bill's opponents: trying, desperately, (per Frank Luntz's lead) to recast the bill as a "government takeover," despite all the evidence to the contrary. Sometimes I marvel at the right's straw-grasping abilities. To recap, according to and Fox Nation, a clause enabling people to enroll in health care plans at their DMV (in addition to local schools, hospitals, Social Security offices, and other designated offices) somehow becomes: You Will Get Your Health Insurance At The DMV - Literally. How bereft of substantive health care criticism does the conservative media have to be for this "revelatory passage" to be worthy of prominent placement on Fox Nation?

Maybe I'm misreading Jeffrey's post, and this is just some biting satire about the lengths health care reform opponents will go to fearmonger and foster confusion about various proposals. Jeffrey:

This is no joke.

Never mind.

Fox Nation
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