The WashPost really needs to update its Glenn Beck ad boycott reporting

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The Post's Howard Kurtz kicked off the week erroneously reporting that "about 20 companies"companies had announced they'd no longer advertise on Glenn Beck in response to the controversy sparked when the host called Obama a racist. At the time of Kurtz's reporting, nearly three dozen companies had walked away from Beck, not "about 20."

Today, the number has swelled to nearly 50, which frankly, is just staggering. And these are blue-chip advertisers (General Mills, Travelers, Vonage, etc.) For Beck to lose just three or four of these companies would be an extraordinary development. For him to have lost 50 in the last two weeks is likely unprecedented in modern U.S. television history.

But, as far as Post newspaper readers know, only "about 20" companies have abandoned Beck. It's time the Post let readers in on the truth.

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