Still waiting for the Rightroots movement, cont'd

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The right-wing blogoshere remains a joke because it's led by dopes. (Simple answers to simple questions, right?) It's led by people like Andrew Breitbart who launched a site earlier this year, Big Hollywood, in hopes of leading conservatives out of the Internet wilderness. Supposedly, Breitbart got it. He got the blogosphere and pop culture and the future of mass communication, and he was going to help the Noise Machine play catch-up.

But it turns out Andrew Breitbart is just another right-wing conspiracy loon who couldn't get published anywhere that employed a fact-checker. Andrew Breitbart, as he proves week after week, is sorta nuts, which means the Rightroots movement will remain stuck in neutral as long as people like him are at the helm.

Behold the wonder as Andrew (call-me-Kenneth-Gladney) Breitbart explains how the world really works:

UPDATED: Here, a conservative writer laments Breitbart's constant embrace of (fictional) victimhood.

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