UPDATED: Right-wing bloggers discover Lyndon LaRouche (Whew, that was close)

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More GOP Noise Machine contortions about swastikas and Hitler. (It's the gift that keeps on giving.)

Read this confused post, as another right-wing blogger (theblogprof) tries to explain away yet another Nazi poster. The claim here is that an African-American man holding a huge Hitler-Obama poster at a recent rally outside a town hall hosted by Democrat John Dingell was actually a Dingell supporter. i.e. The sign-holder was a Democratic plant sent to make the GOP look bad.

That's an explosive charge. What was the blogger's proof that the poster-holder was really a Democratic plant? Answer: A clip from Neil Cavuto's show where a health care critic made the claim on TV. (i.e. the guy was "part of the Dingell operation.") In other words, the whole story's built around an unconfirmed, second-hand claim.

But seriously, theblogprof must have additional proof that the man holding the Hitler-Obama poster and then handing out Dingell flyers was the same guy, right? There's no way theblogprof would hatch a conspiracy theory like that without photos and/or video to nail down his tall tale, right?

Ha! If you think that's the case than you don't read the right-wing blogs very often, because trust me, facts are optional.

But wait, it gets better. Because over at RedState, a writer zeroes in on the same Hitler-Obama poster at the same Dingell event and posts a video from Steve Gutowski who uncovers a completely different plot. According to Gutowski, the African-American sign-holder is actually a follower of nut ball Lyndon LaRouche. (Thank God!)

So how cool is that? Right-wing blog readers, desperate for political cover over the whole swastika thing, actually have a choice of how they can explain away the Hitler-Obama poster at the Dingell rally. They can choose Door No. 1, where theblogprof insists the sign was produced by a Dingell supporter; somebody who was was "part of the Dingell operation." Or they can pick Door No. 2, where a posted video at RedState claims the sign was produced by a LaRouche supporter. (How long until some blogger today claims the sign-holder was both a Dingell and LaRouche supporter?)

Like I've said, you can't make this stuff up.

UPDATED: My favorite laugh-out-loud part of the RedState post featuring the Gutowski video, which explains the sign-holder is a LaRouche supporter, is that right below the video RedState makes this contradictory claim [emphasis added]:

The Hitler sign at the Dingell town hall was carried by a Dingell supporter.

Can't RedState make up its mind?

And then, playing a right-wing game of telephone, RedState improve the "facts," and announces:

The Hitler sign at the Dingell town hall was carried by an OBAMACARE supporter.

Eyewitnesses caught this genius outside after the meeting HANDING OUT OBAMACARE MATERIALS.

C'mon RedState, read the (make believe) script. The guy was allegedly handing out Dingell materials, not Obama.

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