FLASHBACK: Fox News urged left-wing hecklers be "Tased" or "beaten to a pulp"

FLASHBACK: Fox News urged left-wing hecklers be "Tased" or "beaten to a pulp"

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That sure doesn't sound like the Fox News of today which seems quite impressed by the GOP mini-mobs which have been formed expressly to heckler Democratic politicians who want to discuss health care reform with their constituents at town hall meetings.

Loudmouths = democracy in action! How dare anyone object?!

But back in 2007, when anti-war protesters who make up Code Pink, made headlines by disrupting an official event, the Fox News morning team was seriously pissed off:

During a discussion about a Code Pink member heckling Hillary Clinton at a recent event, Fox News host Brian Kilmead said that people who confront politicians are "threatening" and should be Tased or "beaten to a pulp," as the establishment media continues to sell the idea that anyone who disagrees with authority should be brutally punished.

A segment on the Fox and Friends morning show yesterday turned into an opportunity for Kilmead to share his dictatorial fetish that dissenters be dealt with in the proper manner, as footage aired of Clinton's heckler being removed from the event by security.

"They should Tase this guy," Kilmead says. "At one point with security so high and tensions on edge, don't you think they're going to get at the very least Tased or beaten to a pulp by somebody? These people look threatening….

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