UPDATED: Gateway Pundit is too dumb for words

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Turns out the deep thinkers at RedState and Hot Air's Green Room also thought the wasteful federal government had spent more than $1 million on two pounds of ham.


Here's how a Hot Air writer eventually explained the blogopshere boner:

Apparently the ham contract didn't pay for two pounds of ham, but 760,000 pounds of it. Where "two pounds" comes from is anybody's guess, but that incident paired with all of the other ones raise some real questions about management and usefulness of the Administration's multi-million dollar watchdog website. Not that anyone should be surprised.

The Hot Air post originally informed reader that the gov't spent more than $1 million to purchase two pounds of ham. Turns out, the gov't purchased 380 tons of ham* for that price. Rather than owning up, Hot Air claimed the whole story raised all kinds of questions about "management."

You can say that again.

*Corrected my math.

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