TNR's Jeffrey Rosen must be so proud

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I know, I know, he's never going to 'blog' again. But still, the damage Rosen has already done to the Sotomayor 'debate' with his wildly irresponsible hit piece, which has now been turned into GOP talking points, is almost incalculable.

I bring Rosen up today because I just read this GOP dispatch from the Washington Independents David Weigel about disgraced Congressional staffer Manny Miranda and his hope that Sotomayor Borks herself at her confirmation hearings:

I asked Miranda about the basis of this theory after the luncheon. "I've read Jeff Rosen's piece ["The Case Against Sotomayor"]," he said, "and that's what I'm going on. I haven't met the lady." He added this to "what I've heard from practitioners on the second circuit, and they don't like her" and wondered if the coming American Bar Association survey of lawyers' opinions of Sotomayor could reflect all of this negative feedback.

"When that survey comes out, if it reflects Jeff Rosen's article, it could be pretty explosive. I think she she might want to take the committee on, to engage, in a Bork-like fashion. The more recent two [nominees] have been very disciplined, more controlled."

P.S. As I noted earlier today, the conservative movement's opposition to Sotomayor has virtually nothing to do with her legal opinions. (i.e. Miranda's betting she too emotional.) Question: How many weeks and months will it take before the press acknowledges that every odd fact?

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