The GOP Noise Machine embraces a new era of political correctness

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

In truth, despite their supposed disdain for free speech infringers, conservatives have always had way more PC media cops on the prowl, announcing what was and what was not acceptable in terms of political commentary. For instance, I believe people who opposed the Iraq War in real time were often condemned as traitors by the Noise Machine. Stuff like that.

Under Obama, the movement has simply intensified, as the right-wing now whistles each imagined PC infraction and writes up tickets for those with dare to say what should never be said out loud. (i.e. That the Noise Machine is nuts.)

The latest example came in the wake of comedian Wanda Sykes's performance at the White House Correspondents Association dinner in Washington, D.C., where she made a couple jokes at the expense of Rush Limbaugh. Not funny! announced PC-er Jonah Goldberg. Not only was the Noise Machine aghast by Sykes' punchlines, but they also targeted Obama for a PC infraction.

His thought crime? He chuckled when a comedian told a joke at a roast.

UPDATE: Read the hand-wringing comments from Rush supporters about Sykes' jokes going "over the line," and ask yourself if anybody from within the GOP ever makes that claim about the hate that Limbaugh peddles on a daily basis. Or could we just not hear their protests when Limbaugh's show recently likened the POTUS to a terrorist?

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