Fox News finally discovers FOIA

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

This week Glenn Beck was ranting about the unfolding government power grab, and how the Obama administration is so secretive. How bad was it? This bad, according to Beck:

it seems every week this network is filing another Freedom of Information [Act] request.

We had to laugh because Beck thinks it's a big deal when a news org files a FOIA request. It's not. It's an utterly ordinary occurrence, as journalist routinely petition the government to release all kinds of information.

I just get the feeling that during the Bush years Fox News didn't bother with FOIA's because Fox News reporters didn't need--didn't want--any additional information from the GOP administration. They were completely satisfied accepting the handouts. But with Obama in the WH, suddenly the Fox News team gets all Woodward-and-Bernstein and files FOIA requests!

I'm sure the news Emmy's are sure to follow.

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