Tbogg mocks Andrew Malcolm so we don't have to

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The FDL blogger also points out that MSNBC, a liberal bastion in Malcolm's eyes, hands over its entire morning drive show to a former GOP Congressman. But Malcolm, Laura Bush's former flak and current GOP conveyor belt for the LA Times, would rather ridicule the Obama WH because somebody there said they love MSNBC!

UPDATE: Drudge thinks it's a big deal that some, until now, unknown White House adviser said the WH "loves" MSNBC. To make his point Drudge pasted a photo of Keith Olbermann above the link to show, I guess, that the allegedly liberal MSNBC is a hit inside the White House. (This is news because....?)

But here's the funny thing about the right-wing panting over this "loves" comments, and it's the same point Tbogg made, the comment came after the WH adviser was introduced at an event by MSNBC host and former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough.

So right after being introduced by MSNBC's conservative host, the aide said the WH loves MSNBC, and the right-wing thinks that's proof that MSNBC is liberal. Good luck making sense of that.

This is why the conservative blogosphere has become irrelevant.

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