Do WashTimes reporters even read the WashTimes?

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They'd be in good company if they didn't of course, but it does seem odd to see such an obvious contradiction within the pages of the newspaper.

From today's Times, in an zombie article (i.e. they never stop coming from the GOP Noise Machine) about how the WH press has gone soft on Obama. A key claim is that "White House reporters used to shout their questions with gusto," but now the WH press corps has been tamed under Obama. [Emphasis added.]

That's curious here's what the WashTimes reported on January 23, headlined:

Obama press aide gets bashed in debut

That doesn't sound very tame, does it? Indeed, the Times report announced the WH spokesman had been "hammered" for "nearly an hour" during the briefing. And yes, there was lots of shouting for Obama's team:

"You could have had more than four in the pool," one reporter said. "Could have had a pool!" shouted another. "The whole pool!" spat a third. "We have a tradition here of covering the president!" yelled a fourth.

But forget all that now because the new Times spin is that the press has gone limp for Obama.

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