Murdoch media continue to try to improve the Air Force One story

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

We noted how the New York Post did its best to mislead readers into thinking that Obama had something to do with the misguided photo op that freaked out New Yorkers on Monday. The Post's headline read:


That, despite the fact Obama was not on the plane, did not order the photo op and didn't even know about it. So there's that.

Then Murdoch hit man Glenn Beck went one better and placed Obama on Air Force One and personally ordering the fly-by:

Then yesterday we had the 'secret photo op' of Air Force One flying over Manhattan. Which gave a lot of people flashbacks to 9/11. See all those people on the street? They were evacuating buildings. These people are running in fear because the president flew his plane over for a photo shoot!

(h/t C&L)

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