Howard Kurtz complains newspapers didn't cover April 15 "tea parties" until April 15

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Ugh. Appearing on NPR to discuss the "tea parties," and too often soft-pedaling Fox News' role (i.e. no mention of the 100-plus "tea party" promos FNC aired), Kurtz suggested that newspapers didn't take the anti-Obama events seriously enough. Kurtz told NPR:

I think the nation's top newspapers, which finally got around to covering them on April 15th, kind of had their heads in the sand, as well.

This reminds us of Neil Cavuto's rhetoric last week when he pre-emptively criticized the "tea party" coverage days before it happened. Here, Kurtz tsk-tsks that newspapers didn't report on the events until they actually happened.

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