It might already be too late for the right-wing blogs

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The Daily Beast's Benjamin Sarlin follows up on a trend we've been noting at CF for the last couple week; far right bloggers who are calling out Fox News for the doomsday hate speech that's become Murdoch's programming anchor. Specifically, how folks like David Horowitz, Rick Moran, and the warblogging site Little Green Footballs have condemned Fox News and its head New World Order cheerleader, Glenn Beck. (See here and here for earlier examples.)

Here's a key quote though, from LGF's Charles Johnson, surveying Fox News' militia media movement [emphasis added:

I just wish everyone would take a step back from this extremist brink. It can't lead anywhere good. At best, it will bring the right-wing blogosphere into disrepute, and at the worst it could lead to violence if you encourage these real nuts out there.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the unhinged anti-Obama rhetoric broadcast on so many right-wing blogs since January 21 has already drowned the community in disrepute. The Fox News-driven "tea parties" and the DHS nervous breakdown this week only cemented it.

Shorter version--as long as Michelle Malkin's at the head of any movement, it's going to be a joke.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck attacked LGF's Johnson for posting a video in which members at a Beck-sponsored "tea party" wanted to burn books. Beck says the book burner was a liberal infiltrator. Notes Johnson:

I guess we're supposed to ignore the fact that the audience at that "Glenn Beck tea party" actually applauded when she shouted this. And we're supposed to ignore the speaker ranting about digital cable boxes being "brainwashing devices," and spouting John Birch Society talking points. And we're supposed to ignore the moderator, promoting the extreme right-wing/libertarian/Dominionist Constitution Party.

Never mind all that. Hey, look over there! It's an infiltrator!

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