"At Glenn Beck Tea Party: 'Burn the Books!'"


Here's what we know: Fox News has gone all in with the "tea party" movement, which means Fox News is now synonymous with the "tea party" rallies. It owns them. Which also means that come April 16, Fox News is not going to be able to disassociate itself from whatever radical rhetoric is inevitably unfurled at the anti-Obama mob events.

The conservative site Little Green Footballs, which has been sounding a very loud alarm about Beck and what his loopiness means to the conservative movement (hint: it's not good), highlights an early Beck-affiliated "tea party."

Buckle up folks, April 15 is going to get ugly.

From LGF, which posts the video:

At a "Project 912 Glenn Beck Tea Party," an unnamed speaker rants about "infiltration by the Communist Party" (a John Birch Society talking point), says that digital cable boxes are "brainwashing machines" planted in our homes by the government, and swears to stop paying taxes. The rant begins at about 1:58.

This is some really deranged stuff, and the audience is eating it up.

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